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Consumers Carrying the Day
2/21/2018 - Free Money: My Take

It continues to grow, and I promise at some point, there will be a major push beyond a small town to an American experiment with universal basic income (UBI). Itís being pushed this week; in fact, there is compassion by a lot of billionaires who are willing to pay an extra one percent in taxes to supposedly fund it- of course, it means a lot of other folks will be paying more taxes, too.... MORE

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The story of increased fear and the bogeyman of higher yields in response to ďinflationĒ created two 1,000+ point drubbings in the Dow over a three-session period. Out the gate, I could sense those t Read more.
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The question facing President Trump and the Republican Party - can they use debt to help grow the economy out of its rut, and eventually pay down on that same debt in the future? This is a new approa Read more.

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Question of the Week

The State of Union was the speech America needed to hear. The tone was right, the message was clear and strong, and it should move the chains. The nation desperately wants to finally get a handle on immigration, to fix our roads and bridges, and to secure the border.

What are your thoughts on the speech and what do you want to see next out of Washington, D.C.?

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