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Mike H. writes:
As always - THANKS for rolling up your sleeves and diving into the numbers Charles & team!

Louis Campisani writes:
Love your morning commentary.
Drudge Report at 5AM.
Payne when it comes up.
God bless and keep up the good work.
Would love to meet you in person. Some day

Bill Baumner writes:
Your commentaries, especially this one today, are Such Great News and "Real News". Thank you so much for your honesty, integrity, and competence which begets conservatism.
Ray Weldon writes:
Great job yesterday on FBN on animal spirits. Your points and interviews were spot on. Thanks for your refreshing approach Charles. For those of you that have not seen his program, I highly recommend it!
Bill Baumner writes:
Very well written with exceptionally good perception which provides for balance in understanding accurately, the current conditions in the market, economy and media. Thank you Charles!

Mary Ann M. writes:
I have loved you, Charles, since the first time I saw you on FOX. I'm wealthy, just not in $, but I believe you could help me get there. We're retired and I've only got a few $ so please help me so we can make our retirement a bit more comfortable and secure. Thank you so very much.
Ray Weldon writes:
Thank you Charles for your amazing show. I watch with even more pride as we see the beginnings of a rebirth of capitalism where the market can decide what is best and NOT the state.

Bob Marsh writes
Thanks for your service Charles.

John Guenther writes
Charles ..love what you do and provide...a True American..Thank You!!

Frank Swartzwelder tweeted:
Charles is great & smart as a whip. Mkt drop typical overreaction. Will correct in week or 2. . Buy low. Sell hi. Stocks will be going up!

Kathy Murphy tweets:
Listen to @cvpayne ...time to shop the market!

El Zorro Oro writes:
The Henry David Thoreau piece was spot on, one of your best!

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