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By Doug Eatough: - 8/11/2017
Brilliant Analysis as always.

M Rolfing writes: - 8/9/2017
I dont know what fox news has been doing lately but Charles you are our last hope for no nonsense financial news reporting.

By Robert Lopez: - 8/9/2017
FOX "making money" does not have the pizzazz it once did. Miss you Charles.
By Michael Perona: - 8/9/2017
Spot on Charles. I really miss your show. The people they have covering it are not up to your standard.
By Mike Avery: - 8/9/2017
Charles, when do you return to the Fox Business channel?
We miss the most insightful, talented and best dressed guy on TV!!!

By Sandra Black - 8/7/2017
We miss you on FOX.
By PAULA SLIPP: - 8/7/2017
Hi Charles, Wanted to let you know that our family misses you on Fox. We are praying that you will be back soon.

By Cynthia - 8/2/2017
Charles, I look forward to your commentary daily! I sure miss you on Fox Business! In fact, I haven't been watching since you have gone. Please get back soon. I'm sure I am not the only one who doesn't bother watching at this point. You and Dobbs are two of the best!!

SSGT Scott Gillespie USMC, Ret. writes: - 8/2/2017
Charles, you taught me the greatest lesson "to date" on investing. Don't be just a consumer but also be an investor in great companies and stay invested. Watch the knee jerk reactions and always be ready to invest more $$$ when those "great" companies pull back a bit. Like many others here I eagerly await your return.
Mary Jones writes: - 7/25/2017
Hi Charles.....

Both my husband and I watch you everyday and miss seeing you on Fox Business. We really hope this nonsense will be over soon and you will be back again in our living room again every night!!

Keep the faith and stay strong!

Greg Bonewell writes: - 7/20/2017
I too miss you and your show. I keep tuning in hoping you'll be back. You are such a class act. Thanks for what you do. You have more fans than you know. Hope you get a fair shake from Fox!
Barry Carr writes: - 7/20/2017
I have stayed with "Making Money With ..." with the expectation every night you would show back up. As of today I am taking it off of my DVR record menu. Without you the current format is just a rehash of the political news that is on all afternoon. Thank God Nightly Business Report(PBS) is still on. I look forward to seeing you back on TV no matter what channel or what time it happens. Best wishes to you my friend.
Richard Bindas writes: - 7/20/2017
Charles...miss you on Fox...but read you daily...and have read your books...been a trader and broker for over 50 years...not too many folks come close to you...have faith will be OK..
Rebecca Panther writes: - 7/19/2017
Thank You Charles for your contributions on Making Money with Charles Payne. Miss You! So tired of false allegations against the best men on Fox of which you can stand tall. Fox had better wake up to the truth.

Whit Parrish writes: - 7/18/2017
Charles, you're the best. Keep up the good ol' fashioned hard work and take advantage of the next opportunity. Fox appreciates you for branding Making Money and so do we. It's not the only reason you have so many followers
Edward Seebald writes: - 7/18/2017
Charles I miss having you on tv while I work. I find my self watching Fox less and less, I like fox business but really miss you. thanks for all your great advice over time.
Robert Rysdon writes: - 7/12/2017
Charles ......... You're the best!

MORRIS BRILL writes: - 7/12/2017
Fox Business will lose many viewers by canceling you! I do not know if the absence is temporary or not. I look forward to your return!!!!

Bill from Montana writes: - 7/12/2017
Charles, the fellow up above is just testing you for big and better things, keep a stiff upper lip.

David Walz writes: - 7/12/2017
Get back to us, don't let her bull crap bring you down, we love your persona and honesty----get back quickly, we're behind you 100%.
William Coyl writes: - 7/12/2017
I have been away on vacation didn't follow the News. Only had the local News where I was. What is going on with Charles and what is this that someone is taking his place on FBN. No one can take Charles place. I follow him religiously if he is gone I am gone.

Phyllis Phillips writes: - 7/11/2017
What is up with what used to be the finest station on TV? First they go after Roger, then O'Reilly, then Hannity (who stood up to them and called their bluff) and now you. What is done is done but I challenge anyone who comes forth to complain about an issue that is in the past. Do I hear payout? Good grief Charles, don't let the turkeys take you down, while Fox Business has great morning TV, you are terribly missed.

Karin Pereira writes: - 7/11/2017
Charles, you NEED to come back. I am a woman, but I agree with the previous comment, its the oldest trick in the world to get your name in for 5 minutes of fame....I have no sympathy for women who play the game but can't take the rejections later and then want to sue.

George Litwinsk writes: - 7/11/2017
My wife and I both enjoy watching you on Fox and benefit from what you have to say. We hope to see you back on very, very soon. Hang in there, friend.

Roy Orem writes: - 7/11/2017
Really miss your insights on FBN. But appreciate even more your daily market updates. Thanks for all you do.

Greg Paucek writes: - 7/10/2017
Charles, Miss you brother......Get back on FOX BUSINESS........................................

Rowland Neil wrote: - 7/10/2017
Charles we support u 110%.
Donna Lomba writes: - 7/8/2017
Thank you for your research

Roy Orem writes: - 7/8/2017
Thanks for all of your knowledge. Sure appreciate all you do. Long time forever fan. You're
Susan C. writes: - 6/20/2017
Enjoy you twice every week day that the market is open, but I especially enjoyed your tribute to your Dad. So glad that you called him last Father's Day. I still remember "Old Spice" as well. God Bless you Mr. Payne...we trust you over everyone.
William Minnix writes: - 6/18/2017
"The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better."

When we try to force our preference for freedom on others, and we use precious blood and treasure to do it, we weaken our nation and make more enemies. So arrogant and stupid its heartbreaking! Hope Trump can learn this and leave Iraq and "The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better."

When we try to force our preference for freedom on others, and we use precious blood and treasure to do it, we weaken our nation and make more enemies. So arrogant and stupid its heartbreaking! Hope Trump can learn this and leave Iraq and Afghanistan alone.
Great job, Charles, love the show and newsletter.

D. Meldrum writes: - 6/15/2017
On Charles renewing with Fox:
"This is great news. Charles is a professional and a joy to watch - great analysis and wisdom."

John C. writes: - 6/14/2017
Charles thank you for your honesty. We all must watch our backs.

Marlene B. writes: - 6/14/2017
Comments Waiting Approval

i love your rational mind, charles, and because i know of your military background, i even respect you 'double'. between you and stuart varney i feel informed, and 'brilliant'. thank you!!!!!

Lisa of Scott writes: - 6/14/2017
One of your best commentary, Charles! And I never forget who I am or how fabulous our country is!

S Kendall writes: - 6/14/2017
You guys make a great team at WStreet. Congrats to all of you for CVP's success!

Ed Cook writes: - 6/9/2017
Charles is one of the few very solid people out there. he tells it like it is and that's rare today!

Alison H. writes: - 6/8/2017
Truth spoken in Love. God bless you. Thank you for trying to inspire others. Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Dennis Howard writes: - 6/6/2017
Bravo, Charles. Let me know when you're ready to run for president. You have a very well rounded view of the economy.

Jock writes: - 6/2/2017
I enjoy and for the most part agree with your insight very well researched.This from a ex Lehman fixed income broker.....

Kept it up,
Jacques (Jock)

Ramon E. writes: - 6/1/2017
Sir Charles you're a jewel glad we're out.
Ray Weldon writes: - 6/1/2017
The "Big Boys" have forgotten how to make money the old fashioned way using fundamentals and buying companies based on management's that have character. You Charles are the "Last of the Mohecans". Character shows up in consistent impressive results regardless of things being up or down.....

Lisa G. writes: - 5/24/2017
Thanks for making your information easy enough for everyone to understand!
Karen Fleming writes: - 5/22/2017
Thanks Charles for your consistent wisdom of stability re the mkts. The talking birds get riled, D.C. is loving rocking the country in any manner in contrast to achieving the needs of us citizens. You keep me settled. :)

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